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奔跑吧!兄弟 / 跑男第一季第一期含《跑男来了》 / 嘉宾:马苏 窦骁

"Running Man" is a large-scale variety and competitive entertainment program born out of South Korea's "Running Man", co-produced by Zhejiang Satellite TV Program Center and South Korea's SBS TV station. The contestants come from the entertainment circles of mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and they are divided into two groups to compete in interesting and exciting competitions. Deng Chao, Li Chen, Zheng Kai, Chen He, Yang Ying, Wang Zulan, Wang Baoqiang, etc. gathered together in Legend of the White Snake, Looking for Past Life Lovers, Escape from Xiushan Island, Love Through the Century, Dunhuang Robbery, Battle of the Desert Princess, Chu-Han A series of arduous duels unfolded in several links such as the battle between the two. They went to the sky, trekked mountains and rivers, and united to fight for the final victory. In the process, several teams of people have also cultivated a firm and profound friendship. For the audience in front of the TV, it showed the different friendly, funny and even cute side of the star!

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罚醉 / 潜流追踪

The show sets in a city called Changwu, a place ruled by local crime syndicate the Zhaos. The police must try their best to bring them down and bring justice to Changwu.

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大宋少年志 第二季 / 宋二志

During the Qingli period, in order to avoid wars and maintain peace and stability among various ethnic groups in the Northern Song Dynasty, they trained young spies in the name of Secret Pavilion. After rigorous selection and review, the intelligent Yuan Zhongxin, the beautiful and astute Zhao Jian, Xiao Jing who never kills, Wang Kuan who never lies, Xue Ying who doesn't like to communicate, and Wei Yanei who has a cheerful personality formed six teenagers. The seventh fasting of the secret pavilion. After experiencing life-and-death missions time and time again, the once young and ignorant teenagers gradually grew up. They united with each other and dedicated themselves to defending peace and eliminating the disasters facing Song Dynasty with their blood and loyalty. The bruised and bruised teenagers can finally embark on the road home. They fought for the country and died without regrets. At the same time, they also believe that in the years to come, there will be more teenagers who will fight for their ideals and don't know how to retreat. The world is always lit up by such a boy, that is the light called hope.

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大宋少年志 第一季 / 大宋少年天团

ent China. Six brave and smart young men and women work together at the hidden front to keep the empire and people safe.

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清穿日常 / 青川日常 / 新川日常 / 川内相亲(港)

Set in a fictional ancient China, you are introduced to Li Wei a spunky spirited girls whose love for food and family takes her on an unexpected journey. She must adapt to a new way of life while navigating difficult rules and regulations of palace life. This journey is comical and heartwarming to watch. Will Li Wei fall in love with her assigned prince or will the palace life break her adventure filled spirit.

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60fps版 / A Lifelong Journey

"A Lifelong Journey" is adapted from Liang Xiaosheng's Mao Dun Literature Award-winning work of the same name. The work is set in a civilian community in a northern city "photographic film" as the background. The ups and downs experienced by more than a dozen commoner children such as ) in the past 50 years have fully demonstrated the great changes in Chinese society and the beauty of ordinary people who have always been tenacious, active and optimistic in the face of life difficulties. quality.

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郭麒麟 / 宋轶

The drama tells a story where Ning Yi, a matrilocal son-in-law of a cloth merchant, embarks on a journey in Wu Dynasty and helps his wife, Su Tan'er, run family business and finally become the richest in Jiangning.

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野蛮生长 / 不得往生

Xu Hanxia's mother died in childbirth, and her father did not care about her since she was born. But this instead cultivated Xu Hanxia's proud and daring character. With China's economic takeoff, Xu Hanxia took her brothers Tong Xiaoqi and

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As the martial arts world enters a new era, a generation of talented youth set out to prove themselves, venturing into a journey far greater than imagined. Ambitious and brave, they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

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绣春刀·山河之影 / 绣春刀 山河之影 / 绣春刀山河之影

Li Wu, a clever conman, inadvertently becomes a member of the Imperial Secret Police due to a misunderstanding with Lu Zhen, a cunning guard. With the court in turmoil and loyalties divided, has Li Wu bitten off more than he can chew?

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第一季 / 杨紫 / 张晚意

In the Great Wilderness, humans, gods, and monsters live together, and the three kingdoms of Xiyan, Chenrong, and Haoling stand at the same time. Ji Jiuyao (Xiaoyao), the king of Haoling who was living in the wilderness, experienced a hundred years of suffering, not only lost her identity, but also lost her appearance. She settled down in Qingshui Town and became a "nowhere to go, no one to rely on, and powerless to protect herself". Wen Xiaoliu. He hangs pots for a living, wantonly and uninhibited. Sun Xuanxuan, the king of Xiyan who had been childhood sweethearts with Xiaoyao, went to Haoling Country to be a hostage. Even though he lived under the fence and endured dormancy, he traveled all over the wilderness to find Xiaoyao and came to Qingshui Town. The days in Qingshui Town are peaceful and warm. Wen Xiaoliu accidentally rescued the dying son of Qingqiu, Tu Shanjing, and the two gradually developed a love for each other as they got along day and night; Wen Xiaoliu and Xuanxuan met each other but did not know each other. After several twists and turns, they finally recognized Xuanxuan and restored their identity as Wang Ji. In order to rule the world, Xuanxuan gave up his personal affair to claim the throne, Xiang Liu Shouyi died in battle, and after Xiaoyao helped Xuanxuan complete his great cause, he and Tu Shanjing lived in seclusion in the rivers and lakes. Xuan Xuan, who can't think about it, puts all his energy into governing the country, because he knows that as long as the world is peaceful, his Xiaoyao will be able to be happy and healthy.

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西游记完结篇仙履奇缘 / 齐天大圣西游记 / 大话东游之二 / 大话西游之大圣娶妻

The convoluted continuation of the adventures of the time-traveling, now-human Monkey King, who attempts to fulfill his divine destiny.

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西游记101回月光宝盒 / 齐天大圣东游记 / 大话东游之一

A Monkey King is reincarnated in the un human form as Joker, a highwayman oblivious to his original identity and the fact that 500 years earlier, he and his master, the Longevity Monk, were punished and made to stay human.

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切勿关灯(港) / 鬼关灯(台) / 关灯以后 / 关灯有鬼

Rebecca must unlock the terror behind her little brother's experiences that once tested her sanity, bringing her face to face with a supernatural spirit attached to their mother.

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Ten years ago, Li Xiang Yi, the master of the Sigu Sect, dominated with his superior swordsmanship and was a symbol of light in the martial arts world. However, he suddenly disappeared along with Di Fei Sheng, the leader of the Jinyuan Alliance, after they arranged to battle in the East Sea. Ten years later, Li Lian Hua is a countryside doctor who travels dragging around a lotus tower. He accidentally becomes "famous" and gets pulled into the pugilistic world that he no longer wants to have any connections with. Fang Duo Bing, a passionate youth who dreams of becoming a hero, realizes that Li Lian Hua is not a simple man and vows to find proof that Li Lian Hua has been impersonating a famous doctor. Meanwhile, Di Fei Sheng, who has always regarded Li Xiang Yi as a fierce enemy, has also reemerged in the pugilistic world and recognizes that the unremarkable doctor Li Lian Hua is none other than Li Xiang Yi. After a series of cases, Li Lian Hua, Di Fei Sheng and Fang Duo Bing gradually come to forge a deep friendship and join hands in solving mysterious cases to uphold justice.

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Set three years after Dragon Inn, innkeeper Jade has disappeared and a new inn has risen from the ashes - one that's staffed by marauders masquerading as law-abiding citizens, who hope to unearth the fabled lost city buried in the desert.

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仙剑奇侠传3 / 60fps版

Chinese Paladin 3 is a Chinese television series adapted from the video game of the same title, and, because of an added time travel concept allowing the protagonist from Chinese Paladin (2005) to appear in the setting decades before the events of the first. It was first released on television stations in mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore in 2009. Chinese Paladin 2 was not filmed because the producers felt that the third game had a much stronger story than the second.

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胡歌 / 刘亦菲

The Nan Zhao kingdom is brainwashed by the chief of a moon-worshiping cult who forces the King to sentence his Queen (Sun Li) to death, claiming that she is a demon. In reality, the queen is the descendant of Nui Wa goddess. The evil chief unleashes a water demon and the queen sacrifices herself to save her people from the demon. Before she sacrifices, she asks Jiu Zu...<!-- --> <a class="ipc-link ipc-link--baseAlt" role="button" tabindex="0" aria-disabled="false" data-testid="plot-read-all-link" href="plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl">Read all</a>

Xian jian qi xia zhuan Poster

沈腾 / 黄景瑜 / 尹正

An old-time racing champion tries to come back to the race track.

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60fps版 / The Chinese Pilot

When the windshield of his commercial airplane shatters at 30,000 feet in the air, a pilot and his flight crew work to ensure the safety of the passengers and land the plane.

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开心麻花 / 沈腾 / 马丽

After attending a wedding of his high school crush Qiuya, Xia Luo gets drunk embarrassing himself and angers his wife Ma Dongmei.

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After his negligence causes an innocent woman to go to jail, a lawyer and his colleagues work to clear her name.

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60fps版 / 开心麻花 / 沈腾 / 资本接班人 / 布鲁斯特的百万横财 中国版

A pathetic minor league Soccer Goalkeeper was given a task - to spend 1 Billion in thirty days, if successful he will get 30 Billion. However, he's not allowed to tell anyone about the task and he must not own any valuables by end of it.

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又名:朱颜 / 肖战 / 任敏

A flower ties Crown Prince Shi Ying and Zhu Yan, Princess of the Crimson Clan, to a harbinger of a fateful love. They become master and disciple for 3 years by mistake, but then find themselves on opposing sides in a political struggle.

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