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Four strangers become entangled in a murder case after stumbling upon a hidden cache and a corpse in a theater's backstage area.

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2023-2024 Hunan.TV and Mango TV New Year’s Eve Party

2023-2024 Hunan.TV and Mango TV New Year’s Eve Party Poster


The 2023-2024 Zhejiang Satellite TV New Year's Eve Party has the theme of "With You All the Way", with super linkage between large and small screens, deepening the attributes of the Z Vision Network platform, and creating an immersive interactive party! Taking advantage of the Asian Games, a mysterious and stunning opening ceremony warm-up program; via The lingering human fireworks of Zhejiang Storytelling; use Chinese mythology to tell Chinese culture, create exclusive fantasy works, and start a time journey through the poetic and picturesque Jiangnan!

2023-2024 ZJTV New Year's Eve Gala Poster

2023最美的夜B站跨年晚会 / 2023-2024哔哩哔哩最美的夜跨年晚会

A New Year’s Eve party hosted by Bilibili. This year, Station B will create a live music carnival for tens of thousands of people, witness the dreamy linkage of global guests, travel through the wonderful world where national style and trend collide, and travel through the IP spiritual universe deep in memory. Let’s crowd into the crowd, have a hearty carnival, rediscover the real sense of life in the enthusiasm, feel the joy and freedom in the excitement, and go to the most beautiful night together.

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On the 2024 Carrying the Cauldron Night, Macau will be sung on New Year’s Eve, breaking through tradition and super-future, talking about dreams and singing across time and space, creating a grand party that spans ancient and modern times and connects China and foreign countries.

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2023-2024央视跨年晚会 / 启航2024-CCTV跨年晚会

"Set Sail 2024 - China Central Radio and Television's New Year's Eve Party" takes the natural beauty of the colors of the four seasons as its guide, closely follows the theme of "Harmony", and expresses the joy of welcoming the New Year with modern and fashionable singing and dancing and other literary and artistic elements. At the same time, intangible cultural heritage and folklore performances with different regional characteristics and styles across the country are selected to open each chapter, and a group of New Year's Eve hosts are used to create a marching series. Multiple theme contents are presented through a main stage with multiple auxiliaries, and a "flowing" story is gradually unfolded. Picture scroll of the new era. The creation of the program emphasizes the interactivity of the party and is close to people's lives. It gathers traditional culture, technological innovation, cross-border integration, international elements, and new talents and new works to present a vivid, lively and vibrant New Year's Eve scene.

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踏上新征程-2024BRTV跨年之夜 / 2023-2024北京卫视跨年晚会

On December 27, as Beijing Radio and Television's sincere work to welcome 2024, "Embark on a New Journey-2024 BRTV New Year's Eve" was officially announced and will be broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV and Beijing at 19:30 on December 31, 2023. Time and other platforms will be broadcast simultaneously, and audiences across the country will meet with the "Ice Ribbon", the "new landmark" of the Double Olympics City's National Speed Skating Arena, to start 2024 and sing the song of ice and fire.

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东方卫视更好2024跨年晚会 / 2023-2024东方卫视跨年晚会

Technological innovation presents the beauty of the stage - the "Dream" spacecraft sets sail to create the ultimate stage beauty.

Cool black technology interaction - two-dimensional and three-dimensional on the same stage, Huangpu River drone light show.

Teamed up with Dragon TV's virtual person-"Dongfang Yuan".

Demonstrate the faith of the family and the country and feel the power of the times - models from all walks of life gathered. Representatives from aerospace, railways, politics and law, environmental sanitation and other industries told their positive stories, inspiring the public's yearning for a better life.

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60FPS版 / 征婚启事 / If You Are the One III

Set in 2031, Qin retiring alone on a small island, as his wife Xiaoxiao is away all year long. Fan, Qin's friend, designs an android identical to Xiaoxiao to keep Qin company. Spending time with the android and old friends.

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梁朝伟 / 刘德华

A criminal conspiracy is uncovered when the stock market crashes.

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大鹏 / 白客

Fitter Hu Jianlin gets promoted during layoffs, but his rural roots clash with corporate culture. Can he survive office politics and uncover the truth?

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粤语版 / 将进酒 / 刘德华 / 林家栋 / 彭于晏 / 刘雅瑟 / 任达华

Ho Sau, an undercover agent, has been working with Yau, a drug lord, for years, but his job and family are in trouble.

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繁花(剧版) / 国语版 / Blossoms

The story of a self-made millionaire in Shanghai during the 1990s from a young opportunist with a troubled past to the heights of the gilded city.

Blossoms Shanghai Poster

繁花(剧版) / 沪语版 / Blossoms

The story of a self-made millionaire in Shanghai during the 1990s from a young opportunist with a troubled past to the heights of the gilded city.

Blossoms Shanghai Poster

三大队剧版 / 请转告局长,三大队任务完成了 / Man Hunt

Based on an astonishing true event, in which Cheng Bing who was a detective that served years of time in prison decided to crack his last case with his former colleagues.

The Lonely Warrior Poster

电影版三大队 / 请转告局长,三大队任务完成了

After an accidental death during an interrogation, a police team is disbanded and imprisoned. Once released, the former leader reunites the group to persistently pursue the remaining suspect in an unsolved murder case over the next decade.

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The greedy police chief Zheng Wei (played by Xu Guanghan) learns that Qiao Wanna (played by Zhang Junning), the wife of a wealthy businessman, has been wrongly involved in a secret room murder case and takes the initiative to do business and demands a huge amount of money to help her clear her name. As the deal unfolds, she is unexpectedly involved in another murder case. Sister Hong (played by Hui Yinghong), whose husband is missing, reveals that she has been oppressed by the powerful. Desperate, she desperately seeks revenge on Minghao (played by Yoon Jung), the son of the congressman who killed her husband...

There is a case within a case, a situation within a situation. What is the truth that is concealed under the pressure of money and power transactions and power?

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Love Life Light

At the end of the deep alley, a "lighting store" has lights on all year round. The mysterious owner carefully wipes every bulb, and there is an endless stream of customers of all kinds. Nurse Xu Nian and her boyfriend have newly moved into an apartment near the store. She gradually discovers that everyone here has an unspeakable secret in their hearts. On a stormy nig...<!-- --> <a class="ipc-link ipc-link--baseAlt" role="button" tabindex="0" aria-disabled="false" data-testid="plot-read-all-link" href="plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl">Read all</a>

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三级片 / 粤语版 / 张家辉 / 陈伟霆 / 爆裂行动

Anti-drug chief inspector Li Zhenbang (played by Nick Cheung) and undercover police officer Jiang Ming (played by William Chan) secretly implemented a plan to hunt down drug traffickers, but encountered danger. Jiang Ming was forced to wander the edge of right and wrong, and gradually lost control. In order to stick to the bottom line, former teammates killed each other. Suspicion, anger, madness, disappointment... everyone has lost their minds and is on the verge of collapse!

Bursting Point Poster

周冬雨 / 宋洋 / 袁弘

Chen Miao, an editor in chief of a grassroots journalism platform, encountered a series of follow-up events after publishing a popular article.

Trending Topic Poster

刘诗诗 / 刘宇宁

Two spies from neighbouring warring states get entangled in court politics, war and dangerous plots despite wanting to retire from their paths to live up to their principles and shifting bottom lines to achieve peace.

Yi nian guan shan Poster


Hu Ba Yi and Wang Pang Zi had planned to go abroad with Shirley Yang. However, they were entrusted by Professor Chen to travel to the Coral Spiral with Mr. Ming to search for the Qin Emperor's Bone Mirror.

Nan hai gui xu Poster

60FPS版 / 怒海 / 黄渤 / 周迅

A young girl was killed, and the shocking truth is hidden behind the families of the suspects and victims.

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"Call from the Universe" attempts to interpret the FAST Sky Eye's observation mission from the perspective of cosmic evolution and tell you what the Sky Eye is looking at? How does the Heavenly Eye see? What is the significance of the observed results? Through the authoritative explanations of front-line scientists and vivid and intuitive animation demonstrations, various moments in the evolution of the universe are revealed.

Call from the Universe Poster

粤语版 / 60fps / 新闻女郎

The six-thirty news report with the highest ratings is a battleground for anchors. In the news and television department, senior anchors Wen Huishan (Charmaine Sheh) and Liang Jingyan (Ma Guoming) were divided into two groups, equally divided. The former made trouble and eventually climbed to the management position. The vacancy of prime-time female anchors has caused a storm! Female anchors Xu Shiqing (played by Gao Haining), Zhang Jiayan (played by Li Shiwei), and Xu Xiaowei (played by He Yiting) at different times in the morning, afternoon, and evening. In order to get the upper hand, the three of them did not care about the friendship between masters and apprentices and journalistic ethics, and used all means to strive for performance in public. They dig at each other's wounds and hurt each other in private. In the end, some people find comrades from the "cold palace", some people jump out of the mainstream and find another way out, and some people become the people they hate the most. Newcomer Liu Yan (played by Wang Minyi) is full of enthusiasm, witnessing the overt and covert struggles, and just wants to avoid being assimilated and maintain her ideals. She thought that by controlling the results, she would gain power. However, the old director and boss had other plans, and they did not hesitate to reveal her unsavory past and pull her down in order to achieve the final reform plan. Everyone was only competing for the glass of water in front of them, but they forgot that there was a vast ocean behind them.

The Queen of News Poster

CCTV美食纪录片《听起来很好吃》第二季 / 听起来很好吃2

Listen to the sound of the knife board crisping, the spatula stir-frying, and the flame licking, and feel the changes and charm of the ingredients during cooking. This season, we visited Chongqing, Shunde, and Yanji, three popular cities that are full of personality and "sounds delicious". We carefully selected 15 representative local delicacies with the most life-like atmosphere, cooked them, and used brand-new audio-visual Language, through exquisite pictures and realistic sound effects, allows food, cooking, life, etc. to "express" themselves, creating a unique "immersive" food culture micro-documentary.

听起来很好吃2 海报

60FPS版 / 张译 / 五金家族 / 盗时光 / 中国版担保

In order to claim the arrears, two laid-off workers took temporary care of Qianqian, the daughter of the debtor, but they didn't expect Qianqian to have an accident.

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Jiang Xue Ning, who aspired to have the highest power in her life, was held hostage by rebels.She got a second chance to alter her fate by not entering the palace.But she again come across with palace and Xie Wei, whom she hated the most.

Story of Kunning Palace Poster


Luo Yingzi (played by Reyza) never dreamed that after twenty-eight years of smooth sailing, she would actually fall into the gutter. Today is her husband Liu Ming's thirtieth birthday. She has passed the exam for her lawyer qualification certificate. She thought it was a good day. She carefully prepared a table of meals, but she waited all night at home. Liu Ming left and threw it away. She gave up all the past kindness, took her best friend Wen Li out of the country, and took away all the joint property of the couple, leaving only Luo Yingzi with a huge debt that could not be repaid. Liu Ming's betrayal was like a heavy stone, shattering Luo Yingzi's beautiful life in an instant. She tightly grasped the only life-saving straw, the lawyer's qualification certificate she had just obtained, and entered Liangcheng Law Firm alone to become a new lawyer. Move forward bravely on the road full of obstacles.

The Fearless Poster

60fps版 / 中国版七天 / Who's The Suspect

A female lawyer defending the murderer discovered a plot.

Last Suspect Poster


The background of the story is when Taiwan's economy is taking off. Jiang Yongxin (played by Wen Shenghao), an entrepreneur who studied in Japan, founded the security company "Qinxin Security" that no one knew about. Together with the philanthropist Zhuang Huilan (played by An Xinya), they went through arduous promotion and faced the challenge of starting a business. There are ups and downs such as not being favored, customer theft leading to company crisis, vicious competition, etc. Fortunately, Wu Mingli (played by Cai Shuzhen), a career woman who struggles with family work, and Zhang Shuo (played by Li Guoyi), a super businessman, work together and rely on deep cultivation to share the good. , the concept of innovation and change, creating a leading position in technological maintenance, and further establishing an enterprise group that benefits society and operates sustainably.

Kai Chuang Zhe Poster

60fps版 / 洗铅华

A woman who ruined her family by pursuing a man who did not love her gets a chance to go back in time and change her fate, while discovering the truth behind her past and the love of those who cared for her.

Scent of Time Poster

关晓彤 / 韩东君

Set in the 1940s, former lovers Zuo Shuang Tao and Chen Jia Ping unexpectedly reunite and rekindle their love in a sea of spies as they pursue the same goals.

Mr. & Mrs. Chen Poster

未删减版 / 完整版

Insatiable greed, hatred and delusion are the crimes and punishments that life will eventually face. Who's playing who? Nobody knows. The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon, a traditional Chinese tale which can reflect the situation of Chen Kui-Lin, the main role of this movie.

The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon Poster


Discovering that he is only the third most wanted fugitive in Taiwan, a criminal embarks on a journey to overtake the first two.

The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon Poster

莫斯科行动 / 莫斯科任务 / 莫斯科大劫案 / Operation Moscow

Tough Chinese detectives go on a mission to Moscow to hunt down ruthless robbers who have been plaguing the trans-Siberian railway with violence and chaos.

Moscow Mission Poster

60fps版 / 志愿军三部曲1 / 伟大的战争·抗美援朝 / 伟大的胜利 / 战与祀 / The Great War

The film will start with the decision of the central government to enter the Korean War and end with the signing of the armistice agreement. It will show the great deeds of the heroic people's volunteers in the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea in a panoramic and multi-level way.

The Volunteers: To the War Poster

前任4 / 分手清单 / 前任:分手清单 / 前任攻略4

A group of friends contend with changes in their relationships and worry about their futures.

The Ex-Files 4: Marriage Plan Poster

60FPS版 / 黑洞 / 张艺谋导演 / 雷佳音 / 张国立 / 于和伟 / 周冬雨 / 孙艺洲

An urban crime drama film which will cover topics from anti-corruption to anti-crime.

Under the Light Poster