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Luo Yingzi (played by Reyza) never dreamed that after twenty-eight years of smooth sailing, she would actually fall into the gutter. Today is her husband Liu Ming's thirtieth birthday. She has passed the exam for her lawyer qualification certificate. She thought it was a good day. She carefully prepared a table of meals, but she waited all night at home. Liu Ming left and threw it away. She gave up all the past kindness, took her best friend Wen Li out of the country, and took away all the joint property of the couple, leaving only Luo Yingzi with a huge debt that could not be repaid. Liu Ming's betrayal was like a heavy stone, shattering Luo Yingzi's beautiful life in an instant. She tightly grasped the only life-saving straw, the lawyer's qualification certificate she had just obtained, and entered Liangcheng Law Firm alone to become a new lawyer. Move forward bravely on the road full of obstacles.

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莫斯科行动 / 莫斯科任务 / 莫斯科大劫案 / Operation Moscow

Tough Chinese detectives go on a mission to Moscow to hunt down ruthless robbers who have been plaguing the trans-Siberian railway with violence and chaos.

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粤语版 / 60fps / 新闻女郎

The six-thirty news report with the highest ratings is a battleground for anchors. In the news and television department, senior anchors Wen Huishan (Charmaine Sheh) and Liang Jingyan (Ma Guoming) were divided into two groups, equally divided. The former made trouble and eventually climbed to the management position. The vacancy of prime-time female anchors has caused a storm! Female anchors Xu Shiqing (played by Gao Haining), Zhang Jiayan (played by Li Shiwei), and Xu Xiaowei (played by He Yiting) at different times in the morning, afternoon, and evening. In order to get the upper hand, the three of them did not care about the friendship between masters and apprentices and journalistic ethics, and used all means to strive for performance in public. They dig at each other's wounds and hurt each other in private. In the end, some people find comrades from the "cold palace", some people jump out of the mainstream and find another way out, and some people become the people they hate the most. Newcomer Liu Yan (played by Wang Minyi) is full of enthusiasm, witnessing the overt and covert struggles, and just wants to avoid being assimilated and maintain her ideals. She thought that by controlling the results, she would gain power. However, the old director and boss had other plans, and they did not hesitate to reveal her unsavory past and pull her down in order to achieve the final reform plan. Everyone was only competing for the glass of water in front of them, but they forgot that there was a vast ocean behind them.

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乌尔善版鬼吹灯 / 鬼吹灯之寻龙诀 / 鬼吹灯 / The Ghouls

In 1969 PRChina, two men survive a supernatural tomb. They later become tomb raiders with Shirley/Shu Qi. 20 years later in NYC, one is hired to find that tomb again and the 2 friends follow later.

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Jiang Xue Ning, who aspired to have the highest power in her life, was held hostage by rebels.She got a second chance to alter her fate by not entering the palace.But she again come across with palace and Xie Wei, whom she hated the most.

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60fps版 / Dancing Green

Zhou Ran, a cheated woman, meets new friends by a parrot and finds that all three of them has the same experience of being cheated.

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长安如故 / 一生一世美人骨

Zhou Sheng Chen was raised by his brother, the Emperor, until the age of thirteen, when he set out to defend the border and establish himself as a loyal and accomplished general. Cui Shi Yi, the well-read daughter of an esteemed family, has been betrothed to the Crown Prince since birth. However, political scheming and tragic events result in Cui Shi Yi falling mute, ...<!-- --> <a class="ipc-link ipc-link--baseAlt" role="button" tabindex="0" aria-disabled="false" data-testid="plot-read-all-link" href="plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl">Read all</a>

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未分级版 / Chek law dak gung

40 13 y.o. girls are kidnapped and the next 6 years forcefully trained to be sexy assassins. The survivors go on to be top int'l assassins known as China dolls. A CIA agent's on track of them.

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The Tai-chi Master / Twin Warriors / Tai ji: Zhang San Feng

Two friends, ex Shaolin monks, part ways as they brush with the ongoing rebellion against the government. The ambitious one rises up to be a powerful military commander, while his betrayed friend resorts to learn the calm ways of Tai Chi.

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Zhang Yinyin, the bright and unrestrained senior sister of the Xi-Xuan Sect, went down the mountain and "turned" back to Ji Ruochen, a fake exiled immortal who was eager to cultivate immortals. She wanted to take him on the path of cultivating immortals, but later broke through due to the other party taking the top spot on the Qing-Yun List. The two of them started a ...<!-- --> <a class="ipc-link ipc-link--baseAlt" role="button" tabindex="0" aria-disabled="false" data-testid="plot-read-all-link" href="plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl">Read all</a>

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60fps版 / 洗铅华

A woman who ruined her family by pursuing a man who did not love her gets a chance to go back in time and change her fate, while discovering the truth behind her past and the love of those who cared for her.

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关晓彤 / 韩东君

Set in the 1940s, former lovers Zuo Shuang Tao and Chen Jia Ping unexpectedly reunite and rekindle their love in a sea of spies as they pursue the same goals.

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West Out of the Yumen

Two years ago, Chang Dong led a team to the desert and all teammates were buried in the desert in an accident. When Ye Liuxi showed him photos contained clues about the accident, he decided to go to the desert again to find out the truth.

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On her quest for revenge against her uncle and current emperor, Li Changge, a discounted princess of the Tang Dynasty with military expertise, comes across Ashile Sun, a general and Tegin of an opposing army.

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Taking the history of Chinese handmade porcelain decoration as the context and the appearance of porcelain as the running point, it will bring us closer to porcelain by telling the beauty of handmade porcelain. From simple single-color glazes to various decorations with a blend of colors, blue and white, doucai, multicolored and modern innovative decorations, etc., rely on the development timeline of handmade porcelain, and appear one after another.

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太极2 / 太极之英雄崛起 / Taichi Hero / Taichi 2

Yang Luchan marries the Chen style kung fu grand master's daughter in Chen village in 1800s China, so he can learn Chen style kung fu/tai chi. The deputy governor wants the village.

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太极 / 太极之从零开始 / Taichi 0 / TaiChi

Yang travels to Chen Village to learn a powerful form of Tai Chi. Though villagers are forbidden from teaching outsiders, Yang becomes their best hope for survival when a man arrives with a plan to build a railroad through the village.

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60fps版 / 韩庚 / 魏大勋 / 李一桐

The story mainly tells the story of Gao Tianyang, the Chief of the Reconnaissance Department of the National Security Bureau of Jinhai City, who discovered that the overseas intelligence organization "Night Fog" had developed a game called "Spy Game". They used players to secretly carry out espionage activities in unknown situations, and even Huang Zicheng, who grew u...<!-- --> <a class="ipc-link ipc-link--baseAlt" role="button" tabindex="0" aria-disabled="false" data-testid="plot-read-all-link" href="plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl">Read all</a>

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A Sheng used to be a gangster in Zhongshan District but he was imprisoned for 12 years to save his brother Sha Ou. After being released on parole, he sets foot on this familiar territory again only to find that Sha Ou is now the top dog. At this time, the young and ruthless "Monkey" has murdered the son of Sha Ou's benefactor. Sha Ou sends his men to ambush Monkey to ...<!-- --> <a class="ipc-link ipc-link--baseAlt" role="button" tabindex="0" aria-disabled="false" data-testid="plot-read-all-link" href="plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl">Read all</a>

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哪吒降世 / Nezha: Birth of the Demon Child

Born with unique powers, a boy is recruited to fight demons and save the community that fears him.

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""Chinese Dream Ode to the Motherland" - 2020 National Day Special Program" is a variety show produced and broadcast by China Central Radio and Television, starring Kang Hui, Zhang Lei, Nigmaiti Reheman, Liu Tao, Yao Yibin, and Bai Ying host.

The party set up 6 major themes and paid tribute to the anti-epidemic and flood-fighting heroes through colorful programs such as singing, dancing, acrobatics, and immersive narration, demonstrated the great achievements of poverty alleviation, inherited the feelings of the family and the country, promoted the Chinese spirit, further inspired the whole people, and inspired People's hearts.

The party will be broadcast simultaneously on the CCTV Comprehensive Channel, Variety Channel, Sound of Music, Sound of Literature and Art, CCTV, and CCTV Network at 20:00 on September 30, 2020.

The National Day special program insists on going deep into life and taking root in the people's development thoughts, and sets out the following themes: "Staying together through thick and thin, inspiring patriotic sentiments", "Epidemic prevention and control, strengthening institutional confidence", "Openness and inclusiveness, demonstrating the responsibility of a major country", "United struggle, decisive battle against poverty", The six major themes of "Hand in hand, running towards a happy and well-off society" and "Remaining true to the original intention, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party" pay tribute to the anti-epidemic and flood-fighting heroes through colorful programs such as singing, dancing, acrobatics, and immersive narration, and show the success of poverty alleviation. The great achievements inherit the feelings of the family and the country, carry forward the Chinese spirit, further inspire the whole people, and inspire people.

1. Overture "Strive for a New Era" Performance: Jilin Song and Dance Troupe Hebei Normal University for Nationalities

2. Song and Acrobatics "Birthday" Singer: Sun Nan

3. Song and dance "Good Sons, Good Daughters, Good Homes" Singers: Dilraba, Ren Jialun, Yun Duo; Lead Dancers: Corn Ti, Luo Wenbo, Li Degejing, Zhang Yashu, Laba Zhaxi

4. Guofeng Yayun "Young China" Singer: Come on Boy Group (TFBOYS)

5. Song "My Motherland" Sung by: Simon Yam (Hong Kong, China), Hui Yinghong (Hong Kong, China), Ma Long, Du Jiang, Tong Yao, Ouyang Nana (Taiwan, China), Mak Jiaxin (Macau, China)

6. Song "Guardian" Singer: William Chan (Hong Kong, China), Angela Chang (Taiwan, China), Zhang Bichen, Xia Liault (Macau, China)

7. Creative performance "Will is Like Steel" song "Homeland" performed by: Wu Gang, Hou Yong, Wu Jing'an

8. Lead singing and chorus "Glory and Dream" Vocals: Yang Hongji, Huo Yong, Zhang Yingxi

9. Song "You're Well, I'm Well" Singer: Li Yifeng, Joey Yung

10. Specially designed "From the Bank of the Yangtze River to the Yellow Crane Tower" Narrated by: Li Youbin

11.Song "People First" Singer: Ayunga

12. Situational sound poem and painting "Believe in Love Will Win" Performed by: Liu Mintao, Wan Qian, Yang Jue, Xu Weizhou

13. Chorus "China Will Be Strong" Performed by: Jilin City Song and Dance Troupe and Bapai Future Song and Dance Troupe; Special message: Zhong Nanshan, winner of the "Medal of the Republic", Zhang Boli and Zhang Dingyu, recipients of the national honorary title of "People's Hero"

14. Immersive narration "That Moment I Saw" Narrated by: Zhang Guoli (representative of literary and artistic workers), Liu Shuangyan (representative of poverty alleviation workers), Zhang Wujun (representative of journalists)

15. The song "May I Live Longer" Sung by: Yang Ying Angelababy (Hong Kong, China), Li Qin, Zhang Tianai

16.Song "We Are Together" Singer: Han Xue, Tang Yan

17. Song "Moving forward rain or shine" performed by: Wang Ou, Jiang Xin, Li Guangjie, Guo Xiaodong

18.Song "Moving" Singer: Han Hong

19. Situational songs and recitations of "Declaration of Poverty Alleviation" Singers: Liu Ye and Hai Qing

20. Specially designed "Field of Hope" Narrated by: Hu Ge

21.Children's chorus "Compassion for the Farmers" Performance: Sanya Ninth Primary School

22.Song "Upward Light" performed by: Zhu Yilong, Yang Zi

23. Song "Wei Wei" Singer: Guan Xiaotong, Wu Lei

24. Innovative instrumental music "Sun and Moon Zheng Ming" Performed by: Zhao Jienan, Chen Wei, Qu Dawei

25. Song "Faith" performed by: Zhong Zhentao (Hong Kong, China), Jin Tingting

26. Specially designed "Forward, Communist Party of China" Performance: Jilin City Song and Dance Troupe, Bapai Future Song and Dance Troupe

27.Song "The Power of Revival" Singer: Yin Xiumei, Yan Weiwen

28. Chorus "In Your Great Arms" Singing: All Actors

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奇迹 / 奇迹年代

20-year-old Jing Hao came to Shenzhen to live with his young sister alone. The siblings live a warm yet straitened life. In an effort to pay for his sister's expensive surgery, Jing Hao gets an opportunity by chance, thinking that a better life is coming, but unexpectedly encounters a serious setback. Under the pressure of both time and money, Jing Hao, who has no way...<!-- --> <a class="ipc-link ipc-link--baseAlt" role="button" tabindex="0" aria-disabled="false" data-testid="plot-read-all-link" href="plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl">Read all</a>

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A few years after the outbreak of the Anshi Rebellion, the Tubo army attacked the southwest. Gao Shi, who was trapped in the isolated city, recalled his life with Li Bai to the eunuch of the supervising army.

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60fps版 / 刀锋·红海行动 / 红海风暴

PLA Navy Marine Corps launch a hostage rescue operation in the fictional Republic of Ihwea and undergo a fierce battle with rebellions and terrorism.

Operation Red Sea Poster